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To identify the different material types in the samples in order to characterise and
compare the three samples.
The three samples were received by RSSL on 12 January 2014.  They comprised
wet carpet washings, each in a different type of container, labelled as below:
A P5-00308-1 
B P5-00308-2 
C P5-00308-3 
The bottles also carried a description of the environment from which the samples
were obtained:
Sample A Young family with two children (5 and 10 months) plus cat.  Sample
taken from living room.
Sample B Very old carpet (approx 20 years+) – in old utility room/area with
access to garden, where two cats eat!  Professional couple.
Sample C Single young professional.  Sample taken from living room carpet
which was laid in June 2004.
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